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Water Softeners & Filteration System Services

Having a water softener or filter system added to your home will not only increase its overall value, but will vastly improve the quality of your water right away. You may notice that residue is left after putting your dishes in the dishwasher, or maybe the hardware in your shower gets calcium and lime buildup quickly after being cleaned. These are tell-tale signs of hard water, which means you can easily fix these problems with a water softener. Adding one will reduce all of the minerals built up in your water so you will see a cleaner bathroom and dishes, softer clothes after being washed and dried, and softer cleaner hair after showering.

Soften Your Water In the greater St. George area

A water filter is similar to a softener because it filters out unwanted minerals and contaminants, but not all filters are softeners. A softener is strictly going to remove the hard minerals where a filter can remove a variety of unwanted materials, depending on the type of filter. You can also choose to have either of these localized to a single faucet, or you can have them installed for the entire home or business. S&S Mechanical specializes in plumbing installation and can consult with you on your needs, what options are available, and pricing so that you get the softener or filter that works best for your needs.

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We have been serving St. George, Washington, Santa Clara, Ivins, Hurricane, Cedar City, and La Verkin, UT with top quality plumbing services since 1983, which makes us experts at softeners and filtration systems. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to get you on the path to softer, cleaner water right away!

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