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With so many reasons why a pipe could burst and wreak havoc on your home, it’s important to have regularly scheduled plumbing services to ensure that your pipes are in good condition. If you ever find that a pipe has burst and you require emergency repair services, S&S Mechanical is available and will often be at your house in less than 2 hours to fix the problem.

Why Pipes Burst In the greater St. George area

Burst pipes can be caused by outside freezing temperatures, corrosion due to hard water or chemical buildup, regular wear and tear over time, abrupt changes in water pressure, and ground movements. Some of those things can be mitigated with regular maintenance, but often issues like ground movements or freezes come up abruptly and create emergency pipe bursts. You may notice leaks coming up in your home or business or from around outside your home depending on where the leak is. To fix it, the pipe must be replaced or patched depending on the extent of the damage.

Contact us today so we can repair your burst pipe!

Burst pipes are quite common, but also a huge hassle and they can cause a lot of damage. Give us a call at 435-393-0103 if you need burst pipe repair, but we can also help with maintenance plumbing services so you can reduce your risk of a burst pipe. We are proud to provide quality services that you can rely on, especially when you’re already dealing with the uncertainty of burst pipes. We’ll give you peace of mind and get your house back in order in no time.

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