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One of the most common problems that homeowners come across is a clogged drain in their kitchen or bathroom. Nothing is worse than having a clogged drain when you least expect it. You may try snaking the drain, using a drainage cleaner, or pouring boiling water down the drain in an attempt to clear the clog. When that doesn’t work, or the clog quickly comes back, you’ll want to call a plumbing services company to get the job done quickly.

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Professional plumbing services will be more effective at cleaning your drains because of specialized equipment that works better than regular household products. Most commonly we’ll use a drain auger, which is like a drain snake that you’d find at any home improvement store, but longer and more powerful. It can reach down deep into a drain and push out a clog regardless of how far it is in the water pipe. This will knock out even the toughest drain clogs and get your drains back in working order.

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