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Process of Duct Cleaning

Prevention of Home-Air Pollution

According to the EPA, the top five air quality problems are all indoor air problems. While many of the components of home-air pollution may seem familiar, such as dust particles and mold, there is also the potential of other harmful substances such as pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may wander into your home’s ventilation system. With frequent duct cleaning, you can not only remove the dust from your air ducts but also lower the chances of your home harboring these dangerous particles in the long run.

Supporting Your HVAC System

A clogged air duct or an air duct densely packed with dust can affect more than just your ventilation system; it can affect the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system as well. By frequently cleaning your home’s air ducts, you can save more money on your heating and air conditioning bills as well in the long term.

Especially if you have recently moved to a new residence or cleaned your home’s furniture and upholstery, duct cleaning is an excellent option to clearing leftover dust and contaminants by the previous residence’s owner and maintaining the cleanliness of your furniture.

Our company’s duct cleaning procedures use the best technology available in the industry, such as a Rotobrush with HEPA filtration. A typical Rotorbrush unit consists of a powerful vacuum, a brush nozzle as an attachment, and a flexible hose. Before cleaning your home’s ventilation system, one of our personnel who specializes in duct cleaning will arrive at your home to evaluate whether or not your home is due for duct cleaning. Oftentimes this will involve a mini camera used to scope the condition of your home’s ventilation system. If it’s decided that a duct cleaning is due, our duct cleaning specialist will perform the following procedures:

Removing Registers

Registers are the plates that cover an air duct. At the beginning of the process, we remove all registers and wash them of any accumulated contaminants so your home’s ventilation system can begin its fresh start.

Vacuuming Contaminants

After the registers of your home’s air ducts are cleaned, the next step is using the Rotobrush’s powerful brush and vacuum system. Attached to the nozzle of the vacuum, the brush will separate all the contaminants clinging onto the walls of your air ducts while the vacuum sucks them. The HEPA filtration system of the Rotobrush ensures that even the smallest particles get vacuumed up. Though the brush and vacuum are power, they will not damage your air ducts and the flexible

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