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Water Line Repair & Installation Services In the greater St. George area

A water line carries water between a residential or commercial area to a water source, like a water tower or well. These water lines can break for a few reasons like pressure changes, soil that contains materials that will corrode the water pipes, or old pipes simply breaking down over time. Whatever the reason, water line breaks can cause significant damage to your home, change the water pressure, or water quality in your home or business. If you believe a water line has been damaged it’s best to call for
professional plumbing services to fix the problem right away.

Professional Plumbing Repair Services

Plumbing repair services for water line breaks will vary based on the location. Sometimes the line is easily accessible, but other times it may need to be dug up from the ground in order to access it. We’ll start by locating the leak if you don’t already know where it is. We’ll shut off your water to stop any further damage and bail out any excess water. Finally, we’ll determine the cause of the break and what type of pipe was burst so that we can repair the damaged area.

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S&S Mechanical has been in the plumbing repair business in St. George, Washington, Santa Clara, Ivins, Hurricane, Cedar City, and La Verkin, UT for 41 years. We are experts in water line repair so that you can rest assured we’ll fix the problem when you need us the most. We usually can address emergency service calls within two hours in order to reduce the damage to your home. We’re proud to offer high-quality services that you can depend on, so schedule an appointment today!

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