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    A new heat pump installation by S&S MechanicalHeat pumps are extremely efficient and cost effective. In the summer, the system removes heat from your home, and in the winter, the heat pump removes heat from the air and pumps it into your home.

    Also, in the right climate, a heat pump system is the most efficient option for heating and cooling as it will drastically cut energy costs. For every $1 of electricity you put into your home, you will get $2 to $4 of heat back from your heat pump. When well-maintained, heat pumps have also been known to last up to 20 years. Think of them as similar to a refrigerator. If you maintain the system annually, it will last a long time.

    At S&S Mechanical Contractors, our mission is to make this process as simple, quick and affordable as possible. As such, we offer our valued customers a membership called The Comfort Club. The Comfort Club pays for itself in free tune-up services alone. Comfort Club members get FREE tune-ups with their monthly membership as well as discounted repairs and priority status.

    If you are looking for high-quality HVAC services in St. George at an affordable price, our company cannot be beaten. Our highly trained technicians will arrive on time, well-equipped to properly handle any heat pump service you may require.

    Heat Pump Repairs

    S&S Air Conditioning, is based in St. George. We are readily available to cater to the needs of all in St. George and surrounding areas. Regardless of the time or problem at hand, we are proud to say we offer our services 24/7. We are professional experts in heat pump repairs of any brand. If you are looking to fix a problem with your current heat pump or newly installed one into your home, you are in the right place.

    How Does a Heat Pump Work?

    Heat Pumps can heat up or cool down your home. When heating a home, a heat pump will extract warmth from the outside air and funnel it indoors. On the other hand, a heat pump will suck heat from the air inside your home and expel it to the outdoors when you are looking to cool things down. If you are eco-conscious, you will be pleased to know that heat pumps are one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to heat up your home.

    Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

    In the right climate conditions, a heat pump can be the most cost-efficient way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Since it works with preexisting heat rather than generating warmth all on its own, a heat pump expends significantly less electricity than many of its counterparts. Heat pumps have extraordinary high efficiencies of 400%. In other words, for every unit of electricity spent, four units of thermal energy will be generated. In financial terms, for every $1 of electricity you spend on your heat pump, it will give you $2-$4 worth of heat back.

    A heat pump will also add value to your home. Heat pumps are desirable because of their low cost, high return reputation. With proper care, a heat pump can easily last for two decades, perhaps even more. Even if you are not looking to sell your house anytime soon, it can be nice to keep this in mind.

    Heat Pump Installation

    It’s important to make sure your heat pump has been installed correctly. A proper heat pump installation involves the following steps.

    Load Calculations

    If your heat pump is not the correct size for your home, it can lead to a whopping 30% decrease in functionality. A load calculation eliminates this concern by ensuring your heat pump is the right size for your home and working at peak performance. We will make sure your pump meets official standards.

    Duct Inspection

    If your heat pump’s ducts are not properly sized or sealed, big problems can emerge later on. Not only that, without fitted ducts, warmth captured from the air can escape back out. We will make sure your air distribution system is working at tip-top shape, so you can rest easy knowing your pump’s integrity is maintained.


    Testing the pump under the watchful eye of a professional is very important. An expect can catch any problems that may arise later on, as well as resolve any immediate threats to your system. We can promise that we will make sure your heat pump is working as well as it should be.

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    Our helpful and friendly team are waiting for your call. Once you contact us about needed repairs, our technicians will arrive in easily identifiable, marked vans to provide the professional service you require. Also, ask about Gold Comfort Club membership. With that, you pay no after hour rates!

    Troubleshooting Heat Pump Problems

    Losing control over the temperature of your home can be stressful. It is important to note that you should never attempt to repair a heat pump yourself. Heat pumps require complex electrical handling and trying to fix the problem yourself without any knowledge or training can prove to be fatal. With one small misstep, you can easily fall victim to deadly electrocution. Professionals like us exist to make sure you stay safe!

    Heat Pump Won’t Start

    If you check your thermostat and your circuit breakers, and they are both working just fine, there is likely an issue within the electrical system that wires to the furnace. Give us a call, and again, please do not attempt to look into this issue yourself. You may get shocked by the wires if you do!

    Heat Pump Won’t Heat or Cool Properly

    In this case, the heat pump’s filter or coils may need to be cleaned. Professionals can ensure these units are rid of dust and debris without damaging your machine. There may also be an issue with the blower, or your system may be completely imbalanced for whatever reason. These issues can only be resolved through expert inspection.

    Heat Pump Blower Won’t Work

    There may be a problem with the heat pump’s limit switch. You can check your thermostat to see if this is the culprit. If your thermostat’s fan switch is set to off or auto but the blower is still not working, then the limit switch needs adjusting.

    If your fan switch is set to those options but still no avail, your heat pump may have a broken belt. We can easily help you replace it. It is important for the belt to be neither too tight or too loose, as this can damage your heat pump or further the problem. Leave it to a professional to adjust your belt to the right tightness.

    Heat Pump is Making Noises

    Loud grinding noises coming from your machine means that the motor’s bearings have likely given out. Shut off your heat pump immediately and give us a call. Continuing to use your heat pump when it is in this condition may be dangerous.

    If the noise is quieter, like more of a rattling or popping noise, the issue may not be too urgent. Nevertheless, it would still be wise to have an expert examine the machine. There may be issues with the cover panel or the ducts. We can figure out what the problem is and address it immediately.

    Contact Us

    Our helpful and friendly team are waiting for your call. Once you contact us about needed repairs, our technicians will arrive in easily identifiable, marked vans to provide the professional service you require. Also, ask about Gold Comfort Club membership. With that, you pay no after hour rates!

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