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Tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular as an alternative to standard heaters that have a storage tank for hot water. Tankless systems are preferred because they heat water only when it’s needed rather than storing it, which has a few benefits. This means your home won’t run out of hot water just because someone takes a long shower and uses up the hot water stored in the tank. It also means increased efficiency because you aren’t wasting energy storing hot water when you don’t need it.

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These systems are best for households or businesses that can support a higher upfront cost for plumbing installation. However, maintenance costs tend to be lower and the parts on a tankless water heater tend to last much longer before needing to be replaced. However, your water pipes should be in good condition because tankless heaters are very sensitive to slow water flow. If pipes have any buildup that causes the flow to slow down, the tank will automatically shut off as a precaution.

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    In 2023 rebate or tax credit for a qualifying Heat Pump Water Heater

    Must be qualifying equipment. Contact us for details.

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