Protect Your Family and Save Money
with These HVAC Tips

Whether the goal is to keep your home’s heating costs down, extend the life of your heating system or protect your family from deadly airborne hazards, there are many reasons to maintain and update the part of your home’s furnace, especially during winter’s months.

For 37 years, family-owned and locally operated S&S Mechanical Contractors has been a company Southern Utahns can depend on for quality installation and repairs of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—more commonly known as HVAC. 

They understand that regular maintenance and checking of equipment is the best way to guarantee your family’s safety and save money for many years to come.

Tip 1: Carbon Monoxide Detector

Along the lines of safety, S&S comfort consultant Trevor Eaton told St. George News that a carbon monoxide detector is one of the most important devices in your home.

Tip 2: Furnace Filters

For those who are not yet at the point of furnace replacement, proper care and maintenance are vital to extending the life of a furnace, and Eaton advises changing out the furnace’s filter about once a month. Among other things, a dirty filter can cause the furnace’s blower motor to be overworked, causing it to burn out prematurely. This is a common problem they find when repairing units, and it can lead to costly repairs. 

He said it’s important to select a filter with the proper MERV rating—Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value—that works best with your particular system. A rating too high will restrict airflow and cause it to operate poorly.

“You can’t just get the best filter and think it’s going to work properly,” Eaton said. “You have to find one that is going to work for the system the way it was designed.”

“A MERV rating of 6 will filter out things like dust, cockroach, debris, pollen,” he said, “but a MERV rating of 8 is good for dust mites and mold spores. The higher the rating, the more hazards and contaminants it keeps out of the system.

The right filter can have a dramatic impact on a home’s air quality, and as a standard rule, they recommend using a MERV rating of 8. For customers that need the ultimate protection from airborne particulates, such as those with asthma, severe allergies or compromised immune systems, the S&S service experts can install electronic air filters that use positive and negative charged ions and eliminate nearly everything.

“It will collect things down to .01 microns, which is like the size of a flu virus. It’s pretty effective.”

Tip 3: Accurate Thermostat

With savings in mind, Eaton said having an accurate thermostat is a good way to save money on heating costs and programming it to lower the temperature a few degrees can lead to significant savings.

Additionally, a smart thermostat that can be accessed through a phone can also be an effective way to control the system. Eaton said they can be a great upgrade, and with options like geolocation, the system can recognize when a person leaves or enters a home and adjust the temperature automatically.

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