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When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? The NADCA (The National Air Duct Cleaners Association) suggests that all homes have their air ducts cleaned at least once every 2-3 years. If you have a pet or a family that is especially sensitive to pollen or dust you may want to clean your air ducts yearly. Cleaning your air ducts can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We are the most dependable air duct cleaning services in all of St. George, Utah. We understand that protecting your family and having clean healthy air is something every house should strive for. We are professionals who understand why we do what we do, and how to execute at the highest level. In this article, we will detail exactly why you may need your air ducts cleaned and what those services look like.

The Importance of Clean Indoor Air

It’s difficult to imagine, but often times the air that we breathe indoors are more polluted than the air that we breathe outside. This is because nature often acts as a natural filter for pollutants and particles in the air. Most homes do not have any system in place to filter harmful pollutants from being introduced to our homes. Most air duct systems actually have one singular goal and that is to bring air in and take air out. Slowly, the negative pollutants that are brought in by the air duct stick to the sides and fester. Over time, the mold, fungus, and other contaminants within the air duct begin to multiply. What was once a system that brought in air from the outside is now a system that dirties and contaminates that air on its way in.

This compromised system is undetectable to most homeowners. A gas leak or a plumbing issue have telltale smells or signs that urge homeowners to react. A dirty air duct can go untreated for several years and have owners wondering why they feel the house is always stuffy and dusty. Owners that have allergies or respiratory issues may actually worsen their conditions by constantly breathing in dirty air inside their own home. There are hundreds of benefits of having a clean air duct, but we will be examining the three biggest reasons.

The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

  • As mentioned before, the first benefit of air duct cleaning is the difference in air quality. A dirty air duct can introduce a host of dangerous particles from your dryer vents and air ducts. Without proper maintenance on your air ducts, you could expose your family to harmful bacteria, pollen, and dust mites to name a few. The drop in air quality continues to get worse over time. This is because air ducts are great at allowing pollutants and harmful bacteria to get in, but are not as efficient as filtering and getting those harmful pollutants out. A simple cleaning coupled with antimicrobial product can remove virtually all of those particles in as little as four hours.

The removal of all of those particles can lead to positive health benefits. Constant exposure to pollen and pet dander due to dirty air ducts can worsen allergies and damage your respiratory system. If you suffer from asthma you could notice an instant improvement to your lungs when the air ducts are properly cleaned. You may find yourself having less headaches and migraines because your home is less stuffy. The cleaner air and peace of mind that comes with a clean air duct can reduce stress levels and help improve your mental health.
  • Having a clean home and protecting your family may be the most persuasive reason to clean your air ducts, but there is also an economical one. Studies show that a cleaner air duct is actually more efficient than a dirty one. The passage of air is much easier when the air duct is clean enough to pass air without anything in the way. This means that not only would you have a home with cleaner air, you would also be saving money while reaping in the health benefits.

Overall, an air duct cleaning session can lower your electricity bill and reduce the indoor air pollution that may be the source of poor respiratory health.

Duct Cleaning Process

Our air duct cleaning process is the most optimal method of cleaning your air ducts and allowing you to confidently breathe indoors. We start by removing the registers and surveying the amount of debris and mold that may have accumulated inside. We then use our specialized equipment to begin cleaning the air duct and returning it to its original quality. The system that we use is a state of the art Rotobrush with hepa filtration, which allows us to remove 99.97% of all particles. To ensure that the air duct is completely clean, we also take extra steps to disinfect and inspect the air ducts until we are sure that it functions exactly as it should. This entire process is quick and painless. A whole house with all of its air ducts can often be finished under four hours. In fact, we are so confident about our fast, affordable, and quality service that every session that we do comes with a one year guarantee that your house will be problem free.

For this entire service we charge $850.00 for the first 10 registers, and it includes all of the services, specialized equipment, and tailored products to clean your air ducts. For each additional register beyond the first 10, we charge an extra $35. These prices include filter changes, but the customer does need to provide the filter sizes for us to change the filters effectively. This payment is all-inclusive, meaning that we do not just clean the air ducts. This package includes all duct cleaning as well as full unit cleaning. We also treat every duct with an antimicrobial product to fully sanitize each air duct.

Guaranteed Results

We are committed to providing high-quality air duct cleaning services that will help protect your family and improve your health. We offer competitive prices and all-inclusive packages that have a one year no problem guarantee. If you would like to take the next step in improving the air quality within your home please give us a call.


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