Quality of Service

Local businesses can focus more on the services of their people. Having too many big businesses, clients is just another number on the whiteboard waiting to be checked off by the manager. Details on services seem to dwindle as companies flourish. It’s ironic that in the early years of a business, they treat clients like kings and queens, but have less trust in the community. A company grows, earns more trust, but loses its most respected source of dignity…service.

A business should never lose sight of its quality in service. If the service goes down, then what are you paying for? In order to keep high-quality advancing, the business needs to have one crucial standard. Live in the community. Living in the community means you know the needs of the people because you are one of them. We understand living in St. George with dry temperatures rising to 110F outside and up to 125F inside when the air conditioning goes out.

S&S Mechanical is client-centric focused because we do unto others as we would ourselves. Air conditioning is meant for your luxury, that’s why we treat people, not buildings. We have large company results with local customer service. Next time you see your local S&S van drive by, know that we are working for you!