Remember when your dad would say, “Time to change the swamp cooler pads, and get ready for summer.” Up the ladder you would go wondering if this is the year I die from falling off the hot dirty roof. Summer came with the noisy, extra humid stinky air. Nostalgic it may be, would you want to do it today? Is it even possible for you to do it on today’s sophisticated cooling equipment?

In Washington County our heating and air conditioning equipment works hard. If compared to the run time hours on a car it would equal nearly 100,000 miles. Do you run your car for 100,000 without oil change, tire rotation or tune-up? Each year our professional technicians at S&S Mechanical receive over 40 hours of training to stay current on the changes in technology. They are fast, friendly, and very thorough. They do the best 25 pt. precision air conditioning tune-ups in the county as well as new equipment installations. Act now in the pre- season and save. For only $79.00 we can have your air conditioner running smooth and efficient. The life expectancy of most systems is 20 years at 15 they have lost a significant portion of its efficiency. This checklist will help determine whether you may need new equipment:

  1. Equipment is 20 years old.
  2. Equipment struggles to keep temperature when it is hot or cold outside.
  3. Equipment produces excessive noise.
  4. Equipment seems to be breaking down more often.
  5. Expensive repairs are required to keep units cooling or heating.

New equipment saves money on utilities, it is also an excellent way to insulate you from rising energy costs. New equipment is much quieter and carries parts/labor warranties up to 12 years. These wonderful warranties mean no out of pocket cost repairs for up to 12 years. There is no better time to buy than now. Rocky Mountain and Dixie Power both have substantial rebates for new high efficiency equipment. Best of all trade that old dinosaur of an air conditioner in for up to $1000.00 towards the cost of a new Trane Air Conditioning System. Financing is available with terms of 0% for up to 60 months OAC on qualifying equipment. Don’t hesitate to call 435-628-4334 day or night to take advantage of these great incentives to upgrade your old equipment to clean, quiet and efficient Trane Cooling and Heating by S&S Mechanical.