There are many things to consider at the time you purchase a new air conditioner or furnace for your home, but it’s important to seriously take notice of the maintenance agreement you’ll receive. You want to make sure that you take advantage of planned maintenance agreements offered by your professionals at S&S Mechanical when we install your new air conditioning system or equally as important when your older system needs care and maintaining.

Homeowners who take advantage of these agreements will see fewer emergency repair needs and fewer problems overall. You’ll also save money over the term of ownership of your unit, thanks to following this agreement. Aside from the obvious benefits of maintenance many owners don’t realize that your factory warranty of 10 years is tied specifically to having yearly maintenance performed. The factory may deny a warranty claim if you don’t have a maintenance contract on your cooling equipment. It is important that when you purchase an air conditioner or furnace that you understand any and all benefits that you’re entitled to, including discounts that are offered.

Oftentimes when a homeowner has a sudden breakdown of their air conditioning unit or furnace it’s often due to a lack of regular preventive maintenance. Emergency repairs are not only inconvenient (and depending on the weather, uncomfortable), but they are also very expensive much more so than the cost of preventive maintenance checks. At S&S Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating our Comfort Club members receive a dedicated priority service line so you become our number one priority when in need. Many of our Comfort Club plans also include service call at no out of pocket expense even After Hours!

Not only will you experience fewer emergency breakdowns, but your entire system is going to last longer before it needs to be replaced. You’ll enjoy your factory warranty for a full 10 years hassle-free. The ultimate benefit is when you purchase a new system with S&S Mechanical and keep a current Comfort Club maintenance agreement you will enjoy a ten-year labor warranty as well. No cost for 10 Years! When you have a professional who you call upon to take care of your HVAC equipment, it prevents debris and dust build-up. Often times we can also discover impending issues before they become big expensive problems.

Contact your professionals at S&S Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an annual maintenance for your HVAC system or find out about special offers on replacing that old inefficient cooling equipment. Call us at 435-628-4334. Be sure to take advantage of our Comfort Club membership. We Are Always There for You!