Keeping your heating equipment tuned up can help assure it’s long life and effectiveness. Here are some fireplace tune up tips for St. George Utah.

A yearly tune up for your gas fireplace should be done by a professional and can run anywhere from about one hundred dollars to about one hundred and fifty dollars. Although it might be possible to add an annual tune up to the cost of your repair plan for a few dollars a month (Fire-place Tune up and Safety Check) Failure to have a professional tune up y our gas fireplace could mean voiding the warranty.

  • A tune up of your gas fireplace should include a range of services and cleaning leaving your fireplace working like new again. A fireplace tune up should include most if not all of the following.
  • Blower wheel: should be checked and cleaned if accessible and in need of cleaning.
  • Glass: the glass should be cleaned, although this might require a special cleaner, be sure to ask your technician.
  • Burners: should be cleaned and vacuumed, your technician might also be able to replace the decorative material (such as embers or plastic logs) if they are looking dingy.
  • Pilot: should be checked and cleaned
  • Combustion chamber: this chamber might or might not need to be cleaned
  • Gas log: the condition of this log should be checked
  • System wiring: it is very important to have this checked for deterioration and replaced if necessary.
  • Ignition: it is possible to have the ignition recalibrated for improved performance.
  • Thermocouple/powerpile: the operation of the thermocouple/ powerpile should be checked
  • Safeties: the condition of the safeties should be checked to make sure that they are still operational
  • Gas valve: should be tested for adequate operation, and accuracy. You want to be able to control the flow of gas properly.
  • Venting: the vents should provide proper air flow, and should be clean and unblocked.
  • Thermostat/remote: the Thermostat and the remote, if there is a remote, should be checked for accuracy and proper operation.
  • Main burner combustion: the main burner should be examined to make sure that it is operating safely
  • Carbon monoxide (CO): Carbon monoxide is a dangerous colorless and odorless gas that is a product of combustion. Carbon monoxide can be deadly at high concentrations. The technician should check for dangerous levels of Carbon monoxide near your fireplace at the time of the tune up. It is also extremely advisable to get a carbon monoxide detector and install it in your home.

Yearly tune ups by a professional that touches on most, if not all, of these points will keep your fireplace looking and working beautifully for years to come only a professional has the proper tools and the knowledge to maintain your gas fireplace . It may even void your warranty to not tune your gas fireplace up, or to do it yourself.