Keeping cool in St. George, Utah during the summer is about much more than just comfort. In a city where summer temperatures can reach up to 115 degrees, not staying cool can actually be dangerous. You stand the chance of having illnesses related to heat, such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps, dehydration, even heat stroke. So, how can you stay cool this summer in St. George?


Here are 15 ways to keep you and your family cooler this summer in St. George:

  1. Fans are great at circulated air around you. This is especially true when your home has an air conditioner. As the A/C cools the home, a fan will help to make the home feel even cooler by circulating the cold air, overpowering the hot air.
  2. Keep a water bottle filled with water in your fridge. Use it to spray a few mists on your face when you come in from outside.
  3. Avoid wearing synthetic clothing because the material traps in heat. Instead, opt for cotton clothing.
  4. Wear clothing that fits loosely. Try to wear light colors. The darker the color, the more it absorbs heat. And, when it’s hot, tight clothing can be downright uncomfortable.
  5. Change your summer workout schedule so that it’s during late evening or early morning hours when it’s cooler outside in St. George.
  6. Small, portable fans are really popular when it’s hot. These battery-operated gadgets have been known to help spectators stay cool at St. George summer events like the Independence Day Celebration and Safety Town for kids.
  7. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of liquids containing electrolytes. Sports drinks, and of course water, work great to combat dehydration.
  8. Run some lukewarm or cool water, and hop in the tub. Not a bath fan? A cool shower will do the trick just the same.
  9. Keep a decent supply of bottle of water in your freezer at all times. Every time you go outside, grab one and take it with you. The ice will melt quickly in the heat, leaving you with a supply of nice, icy-cold water.
  10. St. George summertime heat can cause your feet to become overtired. You can soothe this by storing your lotions in the refrigerator. That way, they’re nice and cool as your message them onto your feet.
  11. Try to stay inside as much as possible to avoid the outside heat altogether. If that’s not possible, avoid being on surfaces made of hot asphalt or standing in direct sunlight.
  12. Eat meals and snacks that aren’t hot. Edibles like yogurts, popsicles, refrigerated fruits and such will help you cool off a bit. And, by all means, stay away from the stove.
  13. Alcohol and caffeine are both good at promoting dehydration. So, stay away from both during super-hot days.
  14. Are you a hat person? If so, pour some ice water inside the cap or hat. Then, place put it on immediately to cool your head for a little while.
  15. Air conditioning in St. George Utah is the best way to stay cool indoors. But, if you don’t have it, try to spend your days at in public places that are always cool. Some local ideas include movie theaters, public libraries, shopping malls, etc.