A spring checkup helps you find out how well you air conditioner is operating. However, if you’ve neglected to conduct one, your A/C may not be cooling your St. George home like is should. It’s been a year since you’ve used it. That’s why there may be some simple issues reducing its efficiency, such as:

  • Dirty fan filter on your blower
  • Low level of coolant
  • Cooling fan clog caused by debris and dirt


It’s wise to have your unit checked out by your local St. George Air Conditioning and Heating experts annually. However, it is possible to do minor maintenance yourself to ensure properly air flow and cooling. So, here are some simple tips for DIY air conditioner maintenance:


You outdoor A/C unit needs to be cleaned during weather that’s 60 degrees F or higher. In St. George, they can generally be found on the side of your home in an inconspicuous location. Look one bare copper tube and another one enclosed within a foam sleeve. In the case of heat pumps, both will be within foam sleeves.

Once you spot them, follow where they run, which should end at the condenser. Then, follow these steps to clean it:

  • Turn the power off – Go to the outdoor shutoff. Turn off any power going to the condenser unit. Either move the power switch into the off position or remove the blog. Not sure which switch goes to the condenser? Then go to the main electrical power panel and shut down the power to the entire AC unit.
  • Vacuum debris – Use a vacuum with a soft brush attached to remove leaves, grass and any other debris from your unit’s exterior fins. Clear all grass, weeds and bushes from with within two feet of you’re A/C unit condenser.
  • Straighten fins – Use a butter knife to apply gentle pressure to realign crushed or bent fins.
  • Remove fan – Unscrew and open the top grille. Take the fan out carefully. Sit it to the side without causing stress on the electrical wires. Remove any debris and use a damp cloth to clean the interior surfaces.
  • Clean fins – Turn your water hose nozzle down so that the pressure is moderate. Use it to spray the inside and outside of the fins until they’re clean. Replace the Fan.


Once you’re restored power to the condenser, set your St. George home’s thermostat to the “cool” setting. This will turn the compressor on. After 10 minutes, the insulated tube should feel cool to the touch.


Follow these steps to ensure that your indoor unit is also clean:

  • Inspect furnace filter – Shut down power to your furnace at the main panel or a nearby switch. Pull the filter out and inspect it for built-up dirt. If it’s really dirty, replace it.
  • Vacuum – Open up the unit’s blower compartment. Use a vacuum to remove the dust.
  • Lubricate – If the motor has lubrication ports, put five drops of motor oil inside each one.
  • Clean drain tube – Remove the drain tube. Create a solution made of one-part bleach and sixteen-parts water. Flush the line by pouring it into the tube to clean off any algae growth.
  • Clean drain port – Clean debris from drain port by sticking a pipe cleaner through it.
  • Power up – Replace the drain tube and power the unit back up.